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Medical Gradutes

Medical Graduates can enroll in the special RBC insurance NO MEDICAL offer for up to $4,500 per month of disability benefits and get up to 12 Months Free!

  • Simplified application with NO MEDICAL underwriting
  • 25-40% discount
  • Own occupation definition of disability
  • Cost of living adjustment
  • Future income option up to $25,000/month
  • HIV and hepatitis B and C coverage
  • Conversion to long term care coverage
  • $100,000 critical illness insurance as secondary protection with NO MEDICAL
  • Exclusive option to add business protection later on – with premium savings and NO MEDICAL
  • Free coverage – up to 12 months free disability coverage!
Physician EligibilityMaximum Issue LimitsDiscounts
Fellowship program (not in last year of specialty or sub-specialty)$8,50025%
Resident Graduates (last year residents planning to enter family practice)$7,50025%
Resident Graduates (last year residents planning to enter practice – specialists)$11,00025%
Fellowship graduate (last year of specialty or sub-specialty, planning to enter practice)$11,00025%

Medical Residents and Fellows can enroll in the special RBC insurance NO MEDICAL OFFER for up to $8,500 per month* of disability benefits and get up to 5 Months Free*.

Established Physicians

Retain your small Business Deduction

Access to the Small Business Deduction (SBD), the first nib of the recently implemented rules reduces access to the SBD for Canadian Controlled Private Corporations (CCPC) having more than $50,000 of passive income. CCPCs with passive income in excess of the threshold will incrementally lose access to their SBD, until $150,000 of passive income is reached, at which point the entire SBD will be lost. In British-Columbia for 2019 the combined federal and provincial tax rate for the first $500,000 of business income is 12%. Business income above $500,000 is taxed at 27%. If your investment portfolio including capital gains, interest, dividends and certain real estate income is generating $150,000 or more, your business revenue will be taxed at 27% instead of 12% from the first dollar you earn. That is $75,000 per year in additional tax payable.

We can show you how to avoid this trap via the unique application of a time tested asset class designed to preserve capital, enhance yield and allow you to amplify and perpetuate your philanthropic contributions should you desire to.

This process has very little cost, if any, to the practitioner and his business.